Return & Refund Policy

Refund Policy 

MyServe Technologies Sdn Bhd only acts as a platform between its’ Users and Service Providers for various on-demand services, using the MyServe App and Website. All Service Providers registered under MyServe are not employees of MyServe Technologies Sdn Bhd and MyServe is not employee of Service Providers. 

MyServe will not be held responsible for any incomplete, cancelled, halfway revocation or unsatisfactory service. It is the service provider’s responsibility to ensure that the requested service arrives on time and is satisfactory to the user. Service Providers are accountable for providing the users with a refund, repair or replacement if any of the services are incomplete, cancelled or unsatisfactory. Refund shall be agreed by both parties (user and service provider). 

MyServe reserve the right to refuse or ignore any request and demand of refunds from both Users and Service Providers.


Return Policy 

MyServe Technologies Sdn Bhd platform only offer's services therefore we do not have a return policy as we do not sell any goods